Marketing Philharmonic sets a high bar for integrity and customer service. Our clients enjoy excellent service and cost-effective deliverables.

We also believe in supporting healthier lifestyles through environmental awareness. Whether it's reducing the use of chemicals or non-renewable energy or recycling waste, we believe we can be help you achieve cost savings while improving the quality of our lives.

For example: We always recommend the most cost effective, environmentally sustainable marketing methods. We also give back by offering a 7.5% discount on our marketing fees for clients providing environmental benefits. It's our way of helping companies and organizations foster positive change.

All team members must sign an agreement that includes these values:

Integrity.  Honesty is our policy. No exceptions. Messaging should be responsible and honest, with clear communication.

Sustainability.  We always offer a more sustainable, more environmental business option. For example, we recommend FSC-certified paper (from the Forest Stewardship Council) for printing, while we also explore online alternatives.

Permission based.  Our client's customers receive communications only if they want them, and they can easily opt out after the first message.

Research drives strategy.  All tactics are based on the research and strategy developed in collaboration with the client.

Transparency and Consistency.  All team members' rate at Marketing Philharmonic is the same as their direct-to-client rate. There is no additional mark-up to the client. Team members are not required to sign a non-compete, so you may work with them directly if you choose.

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