Marketing Strategy

Price:   Do you know if your pricing is a fair value?
Do you know if your price provides sufficient value for customers and profit for you?

Product:  How are your top three competitors different from you?
Who do your customers think your competitors are?

Place (Distribution and Targets):   Have you defined your target audience?
Have you analyzed the needs of your distribution channel?

Promotion:   Where do your customers look for information?
What is your cost per lead? Cost per sale for your tactics?

People:  How would your team members describe your positioning?
To which values and standards do your team members adhere?

Process:  Which process items would your customers want to be improved?
What do your customers think of your reputation?

Profitability:  Have you defined the size of your category?
Have you calculated an ROI for your marketing?

Passion:  What does your team love to do for your customers?
How well-crafted is your full positioning statement?

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