Marketing - Plan and Execute

Marketing is more than advertising or sales. It takes a combination of factors to be successful. Marketing works with all aspects of the business to ensure the company brings value to the customer. We developed the Marketing Octave to cover all elements of marketing: Price, Product, Place, Promotion, People, Process, Passion, and Profitability

Marketing Philharmonic starts by researching your company, category, competitors and customers (or prospects) to understand your value proposition. Positioning and messaging is then created based on that discovery process.

Creative, cost-effective strategies are then developed for each of the Marketing Octave. Next, tactics are chosen to address your strategic goals and a budget is developed based on that tactical plan.

We implement the tactics using our professional resources or any resources you prefer. Finally, we measure the results. Customer research is conducted periodically, and the plan is reviewed annually to ensure that your strategies and tactics are continuing to satisfy customer needs and achieve your objectives.

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